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Kodaikanal useful Tips

Walking around
Favorite thing: While walking around I could see how the local people lived and worked the land. As the elevation is quite high and can be steep in places I got to see the land terraced. I always like seeing the terraces as they are amazing works of art that take backbreaking amounts of work for their upkeep. 

Favorite thing: I found this small water fall on one of my hikes. I did come across some larger ones too but didn't take photos of them. Don't really know why. Back in those days I wasn't the shutterbug that I am now. It did rain a little while I was there too. The steam you can see in the photo is from the sun heating up the ground after the rains and finished.

Best Time To Visit: April To June And September To October
Chettiar Park: The park is open between 8.30am to 5.00pm, so plan accordingly. 
Fondest memory: Kodai Lake, Coaker's Walk and the climate

General things to do in Kodaikanal
avorite thing: SIGHTS TO SEE : 
* The star shaped Kodaikanal Lake is set amidst the sylvan serenity of wooded slopes. 
* The Bryant Park lies near the lake and is famed for its colourful flowers. A horticultural show in May is an annual feature that attracts garden lovers. 
* The Solar Physical Observatory founded in 1898 lies at the highestpoint of the hills. 
* Coaker's Walk offers some of the finest vistas of the plains. 
* The Kurinji Andavar Temple enshrines Lord Murugan within itssanctum. Picturesque views make it a favourite haunt of visitors. 
* The Telescope Houses allow visitors to have a panoramic view of the plains. 
* The Green Valley View offers some unforgettable spectacles of the hill resort. 
* The Pillar Rocks are vertical boulders towering over 121 metres. 
* The Bear Shola Falls -a favourite picnic spot accessible only by a rugged path. 
* The Shenbaganur Museum has a splendid collection of orchids.

The Coaker's Walk offers some fantastic views of the surrounding plains. Another superb vantage point, is the Kurinji Andavar temple, dedicated to Lord Murugan, which provides a splendid view of the lofty hills, that embrace Kodaikanal. Some of the popular picnic spots in the resort, are the Green Valley View, Pillar Rocks, and Bear Shola Falls. The flora and fauna are lavishly found in this region. Shenbaganur Museum has an amazing orchid collection. The rarely found Kurinji flower is also found in plenty in Kodai. This flower which appears only once in twelve years was last seen in 1992. Bird watchers find an amazing variety hence Kody is the perfect place for them too.

People craving for an exotic holiday amidst nature's richness, find Kodaikanal perfect and idyllic. 

Fondest memory: 
Simply superb..Book your rooms in advance...and you will be in heaven

Must Carry while you are heading to Kodaikanal
Favorite thing: 

1. Some Lemmon Chocolates if you suffer from Mountain sickness.
2. Some Pain Killers
3. An Umbrella
4. A Jacket, cap and Mufflers


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